Belk Credit Card

Belk Credit Card
Many Free Services

Belk Premier Card includes free alterations and gift-wrapping.

Belk department stores goes beyond the expected with services most department stores make the customer pay fees for.

The services begin with the Belk Rewards Card, full of benefits designed to make your Belk shopping experience truly amazing.

The basic Belk credit card includes

  • 1 point for every $1 purchase
  • Every 400 points = $10 Belk Reward Dollars
  • 35 exclusive savings days each year
  • Special Double Point Events
  • Hassle-free returns without a receipt
  • Track your rewards at
  • No annual fee

The Belk Premier Card adds

  • Special Financing with the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan
  • Free deluxe gift wrap
  • Free basic alterations

Finally the Belk Elite card adds

  • Triple Points Events
  • Quarterly Pick Your Own Sale Days
  • 20% off one day during your birthday month
  • Free shipping coupons
In case you are not conveniently located by a Belk store visit their online presence at

4 thoughts on “Belk Credit Card

  1. What qualifies a person for an Elite Card? We have been doing business with Belk for a long time, yet had a frustrating experience at Belk Dutch Square Columbia, SC.Dec 19, 2011.
    We purchased two robes as gifts and asked about gift wrapping and we were directed to the proper area. After waiting for 45 minuted we were informed since we did not have an elite card we were not entitled to free gift wrapping; I said this is OK we are willing to pay.We were told we could not pay there but would have to go back to where we paid for the items as they did not have a cash register there. We were not told this when we purchased the items and we paid with a Belk Card. Needless to say we were somewhat frustrated. When we purchase items elsewhere, we do not have this problem, such as at Dillards, you pay for all wrapping based on the size of the item. We still purchased another Jacket and expressed our displeasure about your gift wrapping policy and they kindly wrapped it for us at that station.

  2. I forwarded your unfortunate experience at Belk’s to their management. I am sure Belk will rectify the situation, as Belk appreciates your patronage and will do everything possible to have you remain a loyal customer. My apologies on behalf on some of the staff who did not give you the service Belk is known for.

  3. We have been offered the Flex Pymt. Plan & on this particular it has given us the flex pymt. plan amount. My understanding is if this amount is paid until there is a zero balance & paid on the due date, there is no finance charge. Please correct me if I am wrong. How does this work if I make other charges prior to the balance being paid out.
    Thank you!

  4. Regarding new purchases according to the BelkRewards page “When the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Payment Plan is added to your account, new purchases made on your Belk Rewards Card (other than Special Payment Plan Purchases, including Table Top/Jewelry Plan purchases) are automatically included in the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan.” Check to make sure Belk adds the new purchases to the flex pymnt plan correctly. Belk adds “The Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan Payment amount is the greater of 1/3rd of the Belk Rewards Flex Pay Plan balance each time new purchases are added or $75.” When you make new purchases, the payment will go up, but you will still benefit from flex pymt plan arrangement as long as you check your statement carefully. If your new balance is switched to the standard APR rate of 24.49% then ouch.

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