Brooks Brothers Credit Card

Brooks Brothers Account
Brooks Brothers Easy Pay

Enjoy an extraordinary 4% rebate on every purchase at Brooks Brothers using your Brooks Brothers card.

As bonus, new Brooks Brothers account holders receive 15% back on their first transaction.

For every $2,000 in purchases, Brooks Brothers account holders will a receive a $20 gift card as a sign of appreciation for their loyalty.

Imagine being paid to shop at a world-class retailer.

There is no annual fee to maintain the bookkeeping expenses of your account, which includes having records of all your transactions at Brooks Brothers.

You have a full three weeks to decide to try the garments at your convenience and see whether or not they are appropriate for your needs.

If after that time you are dissatisfied with the merchandise for whatever reason, you can exchange or return the item without paying any shipping costs.

Customers can add a Platinum Visa option and receive an additional $20 Brooks Brothers gift card for purchases on items outside of purchases Brooks Brother, i.e. anywhere Master Card is accepted.

Your Brooks Brothers store account card is accepted at any Brooks Brothers location as well as online at, so shopping at Brooks Brothers is as close your nearest computer, tablet or smartphone.

2 thoughts on “Brooks Brothers Credit Card

  1. I am interest in a Platinum Visa Option for a Brooks Brothers card. I would like to know if “auto pay” is an option on this card.

  2. Sad to say Brooks Brothers does NOT offer an “auto pay” option. Cardholders need to manually pay their balances upon receiving the invoice.

    The only option is setting up automatic payments through through your bank’s bill payment system, which I know Chase and Bank America offer.

    This way you are guaranteed not to be penalized for missing payments due to being away, late mail, forgotten purchases, etc.

    If you need help Judy I’ll guide you through setting up automatic bill payments through your financial institution.

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