J.P. Morgan Palladium Card

With currently only approximately only 5,000 J.P. Morgan Palladium Cards in circulation, this card ranks among the most elite in the credit card world.

private jet in air
When time is valuable

The card is actually made of solid palladium with 23K gold etching – making the card itself worth over $1,000 in materials itself.

The card is not available to the general public, but exclusively to J.P. Morgan Chase Private Banking clients, who on the average have $30,000,000 in investment assets in their accounts.

Persons interested in obtaining a card cannot do so online, but must call 1-877-626-5995 to apply.

The usual benchmark features of the credit card industry do not really mean much to the cardholders, but for the record some of them are:

  • Smart chip and signature technology to make international travel convenient
  • No nuisance fees such as foreign transaction, cash advance, late or over-limit charges
  • Primary auto rental coverage
  • Emergency evacuation or repatriation
  • Trip delay or cancellation insurance
  • Baggage delay or lost luggage coverage
  • Emergency accident or sickness coverage
  • Price and return protection
  • Exclusive airport lounges and services

As for spending limits: there aren’t any to be concerned about since typical purchases tend to be beyond the norm.

The annual $595 card fee covers so much personalized services that it is worth more than the time dealing with mundane issues.

To find out if you quality, have your assistant contact Chase at 1-877-626-5995.

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