Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card

Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus Visa CardThe Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card rewards members with double miles for every qualifying net in purchases of Alaska Airlines tickets or vacation packages booked by Alaska Airlines and 1 mile per $1 spent on qualifying net retail purchases elsewhere.

Get an extra 5,000 bonus points bonus after charging $1,000 on your card, within 90 days, upon credit approval.

Every year you are a member, you will also receive a $50 (USD) discount code towards an Alaska Airlines flight of your choice. The code expires after 12 months of issuing date.

To earn additional miles, join Mileage Plan™ Dining and earn up to 5 Mileage Plan Miles for every dollar you spend dining at over 10,000 participating restaurants, bars and clubs from coast to coast. Dining out earns miles; ordering takeout and delivery earns miles; you’ll even earn miles for tax and tip.

Redeem miles for flights on a wide range of airline partners such as American Airlines, Delta, Japan Airlines, LAN Chile, Qantas, and more.

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card no longer sends bills in Canadian dollars, so purchases made in America dollars won’t be assessed a foreign transfer fee.


Bank of America, as issuer, offers cardholders the latest security features and shopping conveniences.

  • $0 liability guarantee
  • Online shopping security with ShopSafe
  • Chip technology to keep information away from hackers
  • Overdraft protection for linked checking accounts (fees apply)
  • Banking-on-the-go with Android and Apple apps
  • Use card with Apple Pay and Android Pay options
  • Instantaneous alerts to monitor card usage


  • Grace Period: 25 days
  • Annual Fee: $75
  • Balance Transfer Fee: 3% ($10)
  • Cash Advance Fee: 3% (min $10)
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 0%
  • APR Intro: n/a
  • APR Revolving Balance: 17.74% to 25.74%
  • APR Balance Transfer Intro: n/a
  • APR Balance Transfer: 17.74% to 25.74%
  • APR Cash Advances: 26.24%
  • Rewards: 3 miles per $1 on Alaska Airlines;  1 mile per $1 other purchases
  • Fraud Protection: yes
  • Warranty Extension: yes
  • Price Protection: yes

Upon completing the credit card application, you either get one of two Visa Card options, depending on the credit limit Bank of America grants you.

If less than $5000, they will issue you a Alaskan Airlines Platinum Plus Visa Card

If $5000 or more, you will get a Alaska Air Visa Signature Card.

8 thoughts on “Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card

  1. Interested in changing my existing Alaska Airline Gold account over to Platinum Plus. First question, does this card still have the yearly companion reward, and Second, how is one to accomplish the change over?
    B E Dougherty

  2. The Alaska Airline Gold account is NOT a Visa card, so you would not change over to the Platinum Plus Visa card, but have it in addition to your current Gold Mileage card: you would have two separate Alaska Airlines accounts – a Gold Mileage Account from Alaska Airlines and a Platinum Visa card administered by Bank of America. Call 1-800-654-5669 to find out how it works.

  3. I currently have a Hawaiian Airlines Visa card with B of A. Can my local B of A bank change this account to an Alaska Airline Visa card and retain current charge limits? I pay off my balances monthly.

  4. No because each credit account is a separate entity – like you cannot change one person to become another: they are individuals. B of A acts like a parent who runs a family of accounts, with each having their unique identity. Sorry, but you have to create a new Alaska Airline Visa Account from scratch with no support from your existing Hawaiian Airlines Visa card. Do NOT close your Hawaiian Airlines Visa card because having a spotless record with it helps your credit score.

  5. I applied for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card and I was approved but received the Platinum Plus card, Why did this happen? Do I still get the 25,000 miles upon approval?

  6. Sad to say Signature (Sig) card has a higher barrier for acceptance than the the Platinum Plus (PP) card. The benefits differ also: APR of 14.24% (Sig) vs 14.74% (PP); Annual Fee $75 (Sig) vs $50 (PP); credit line $5,000+ (Sig) vs 2K to 5K (PP); bonus 25K miles (Sig) vs 5K miles (PP); rewards bonus offers are lower for the PP card than the Sig card. You receive 5,000 miles, not the 25,000 miles of the signature car. In the fine print Alaska Airlines notes: “Card type is determined by creditworthiness.” Ultimately the card you received was decided by Bank of America, who is the entity that actually gives you the short-term loan for the purchase.


  8. Bank of America determines which credit card you receive. You need to contact them to request an upgrade to the Visa Signature card.

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