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DSW Visa® Rewards Credit Card

Designers Shoe Warehouse

DSW shoppers enjoy the best shoe selection at prices unmatched anywhere.

Not only does DSW give in-store and online customers unparalleled rewards and offers with footwear purchases, DSW VIP members receive generous rebates on shopping for everyday items such as groceries, gas, cellphones, espressos,  birthday gifts, flights home, movie tickets, dining, clothes, sports, medical bills, etc. with only exceptions such as cash-like items.

DSW Visa® Rewards credit card holders enjoy:

  • On regularly-priced items at DSW,  10 points per dollar
  • On clearance items at DSW,  5 points per dollar
  • On all purchases in and outside of DSW,  2 points per dollar
  • $5 shoe lover bonus offer!
    Each month you shop at DSW with your Shoe Lover Visa, we’ll give you $5 off your next DSW purchase. (Must be signed up to receive email offers from DSW.)
  • Free returns on all Shoe Lover Visa purchases made at
  • Special rewards and offers—tons of chances to get ’em!

What’s included with a DSW Visa® and VIP membership?

  • Points you earn go toward DSW Rewards certificates
  • Double Points events
  • Advance notice of promotions
  • A special birthday certificate
  • My Rewards delivers the account information you need plus the fashion news you love, straight to your inbox
  • Your own My DSW Rewards page at where you can track your points
  • Member-only exclusives like free shipping!
  • The opportunity to earn even more benefits with DSW Premier Rewards

Do points ever expire?

Yes. Unredeemed points expire 24 months after they are earned. They will then be deducted from your balance. DSW will notify you by email prior to expiration.

What is a Premier member and how do I become one?

DSW Premier Rewards members are our most loyal shoppers and receive an incredible list of benefits:

  • Free, next-day shipping
  • Premier Bonus Points: earn 50% more points with every purchase
  • Premier Choice Cards: two cards get you one Triple Points day every six months so you can really let the points pile up
  • Premier Priority Attention gives you our best level of customer service

How can I become a DSW Premier Rewards member?

DSW Rewards members who earn 6,000 qualifying points in a calendar year (between January 1 and December 31) qualify for DSW Premier Rewards.

When I return my purchase do I get my certificate back?

If you are able to exchange the item, it is still valid for the item you’ve exchanged for. Unfortunately, if you are only making a return, your certificate will no longer be valid.

Can you combine my memberships since I have more than one?

Absolutely. Just call Customer Service at 1.866.DSW.SHOES.

Why didn’t I get a birthday coupon this year?
There’s a good chance we haven’t seen you in awhile. As long as you shop with us in store or online at least once a year, we’ll be sure to send you a birthday certificate.

If I’m a member can I get free shipping?

Yes: all members receive free shipping by spending $35 or more. Just type in the shipping offer code at checkout. You’ll see it advertised on the homepage. And if you’re a Premier Rewards member, next-day shipping is always free!

How do I cancel my Rewards account?

Contact Customer Service at 1.866.DSW.SHOES to unsubscribe, but please know that we’ll miss you.

Can all members bank their points?

This benefit is exclusive to our Premier Rewards members. So just keep shopping towards that Premier status.

How are base points are calculated?

You’ll earn 10 Base Points per dollar spent on regularly-priced merchandise, and 5 Base Points per dollar on clearance merchandise. A $10 Rewards certificate is issued when you reach 1,500 points.

What are DSW Bonus Points?

Bonus Points are member extras that can help you earn Rewards certificates faster. You will be notified by email of these events. Bonus Points do not count toward qualification for membership in DSW Premier Rewards.

What are DSW Double Points?

If you give us your email address, we’ll notify you of Double Points events, an opportunity to earn 10 Base Points + 10 Bonus Points to the dollar on regularly priced merchandise, and 5 Base Points + 5 bonus points to the dollar on clearance items.

There are two Double Points events per calendar year. Bonus Points earned during Double Points do not count toward qualification for membership in DSW Premier Rewards.

What are qualifying points?

Qualifying points are the Base Points earned on every purchase. They’re valid from January 1–December 31 and do not roll over year to year. When you earn 6,000 qualifying points in a single calendar year, you automatically reach DSW Premier Rewards membership status.

What kind of points do I need to earn DSW Rewards certificates?

Base and Bonus Points both count toward Rewards certificates. However, only Base Points are counted toward qualification for membership in DSW Premier Rewards

What happens to any leftover points after a Rewards certificate has been earned?

These are the first points counted toward your next $10 Rewards certificate.

How can I be sure I’m getting points for my purchases in stores?

Online: Link your DSW Rewards member number to your web site just once, and you’ll never need to worry about it again. Then whenever you shop, just log in and you’ll earn Rewards Points with your online purchase.

In DSW stores: There are two easy options for ensuring you earn points. Either show DSW Rewards membership card to the cashier, or tell the cashier your telephone number or mailing address, and he or she can look it up.

How soon after my purchase are points added to my balance?

For in-store purchases, points will be applied within 24 hours. For online purchases, points are not applied until your order has been shipped. Bonus points can take 2-3 weeks to be applied to your balance.

What if I think there’s been a mistake with my points balance?

First, make sure you’ve waited long enough. It can take several days for points to show up in your balance. If there is a mistake, just contact Customer Service at 1.866.DSW.SHOES.

What happens to my points if I return merchandise?

The point value of your return is deducted from your balance.

Can I save my points instead of receiving a Rewards certificate every time I get to 1,500?

Sure! This is called Points Banking, but it’s only possible if you’re a DSW Premier Rewards member.

Do I earn points when I redeem Rewards certificates?

You’ll earn points on every dollar you spend that exceeds the certificate value (excluding tax). Your certificate savings do not earn points.

Do I earn points on tax or shipping?

Sorry, you only earn points on the actual product.

Do I earn points for the purchase of DSW Gift Cards or DSW e-Gift Cards?

No. When you buy a DSW Gift Card or e-Gift Card, you are converting your money into “store cash” for someone else to spend. If the recipient of the gift is a DSW Rewards member, that person will earn points when redeeming the card. It’s like two gifts in one!

What is DSW Premier Rewards?

For our most loyal customers, Premier Rewards makes it possible to earn points much faster than with basic membership and you’ll get free, next-day shipping.

In addition:

  • Premier Bonus Points: earn 50% more points with every purchase
  • Premier Choice Cards: two cards get you one Triple Points day every six months so you can let the points pile up
  • Premier Priority Attention gives you our best level of customer service

How can I become a DSW Premier Rewards member?

DSW Rewards members who earn 6,000 qualifying points in a calendar year (between January 1 and December 31) will qualify for DSW Premier Rewards.

How do I know if I’m close to earning membership in DSW Premier Rewards?

Go to to access your membership information and see how many qualifying points you’ve earned.

Once I’ve qualified, how quickly do I begin receiving Premier benefits?

Just one shopping day after you qualify, you’ll receive your benefits on purchases made with your membership.

For in-store purchases, please allow 24 hours for points to be posted to your Points History page.

For online purchases, the points will be posted once your order has been shipped.

How long will I have DSW Premier Rewards benefits?

Your DSW Premier Rewards benefits will last from your qualifying date through the end of the following calendar year.

What are Premier Bonus Points?

Premier Bonus Points earn you 50% more points per dollar – 15 points per dollar on regularly-priced merchandise and 7.5 points per dollar on clearance merchandise.

How many points will I earn per dollar on Triple Points days?

On regularly-priced purchases, you will earn 35 points per dollar: 10 base points per dollar x 3 (for triple points) + 5 Premier Bonus Points. On clearance merchandise, you will earn 17.5 points per dollar: 5 base points x 3 (for triple points) + 2.5 Premier Bonus Points.

Does DSW count extras, such as Premier Bonus Points and Triple Points, toward Premier Rewards membership?

Only Base Points are counted toward DSW Premier Rewards membership. But you will find that you accumulate points to Rewards certificates much, much faster.

What’s so special about Premier Priority Attention?

If you’ve reached Premier Rewards status, you’re clearly one of our best customers. So we’ve reserved a special email address and phone number just for you. If you need us, you can reach us quickly and receive a personal response.

What are Premier Choice cards?

As a Premier Rewards member, you’ll receive two, Triple Points days per calendar year. (You’ll get 1 or 2 cards total, depending on when you reach Premier status.)

Premier Choice cards are what you use to earn Triple Points on your purchase during the Triple Points promotion.

Each Premier Choice card is valid for six months (redeemable during the date range printed on each card; January-June and July-December), so you’ll have plenty of time to choose which day to earn Triple Points.

You will receive new Premier Choice cards each year you qualify for DSW Premier Rewards.

Can Premier Choice Cards be redeemed any day I choose?

Not quite, but you’ll have plenty of time. Premier Choice cards must be used during the date range printed on each card. In addition, cards cannot be redeemed during Bonus Points events.

Can I save up points instead of receiving a Rewards certificate every time I get to 1500 points?

Sure can. As a DSW Premier Rewards member, you can opt for a benefit called Points Banking.

Once you’ve earned a certificate, we’ll hold on to it until you request it. To get more information and to set up Points Banking, go online at and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why do I have a personalized DSW Premier Rewards card?

We like to recognize our best shoppers! The card acknowledges your special status but your member number stays the same.

Do I have to carry my personalized card?

You don’t need a membership card to shop online or in-store, but you do need to identify yourself as a DSW Premier Rewards member to be sure that you earn Rewards Points when you do shop.