BJ’s One Mastercard

BJ's One Credit Card

BJ’s credit card gives you 3% reards on most BJ’s purchases, including groceries.

1.5% back in rewards on purchases everywhere else Mastercard® is accepted.

You pay no annual fee and no interest at all on your purchases when you pay the balance in full every billing cycle.

BJ’s offers extra savings to its members with in-club coupons, instant online coupons, special email offers, and everyday low prices.

In addition, BJ’s POne Mastercard gives you peace of mind should your purchase be defective or not satisfy your needs with a generous return or exchange policy.

No annual fee gives cardholders the freedom to choose how often they want to use the credit card.

No foreign transaction fee gives members a great reason to pay entities based outside the United States with the card.

For additional security, Capital One offers virtual card numbers to prevent exposing your real credit card numbers to the bad guys.

Overall the BJ’s One Mastercard is a good value for shoppers who frequently shop at BJ’s Wholesale Club with a generous rewards program and no annual fee.

However, rewards can only be redeemed at BJ’s, and customer service has mixed reviews.

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