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  1. GM Loathes you! Read On –
    We currently have the GM card…soon to go in the trash. GM “generously”
    sent out a notice that in Feb 2016, they will Top Us Off from our $900 in
    GM points to $2900. Sounds good right!?

    However, and it is a BIG HOWEVER, when we went to the GMC dealer to look at purchasing a vehicle with our “massive” $2900 in GM points…they refuse to bargain on their prices AS IF they are a (now defunct) Saturn dealer! They would only come off the MSRP for a $40k+ vehicle by $1100…we tried multiple dealerships in 2 states. I know there is at least a $3000 holdback on that vehicle and they are NOT sharing it at all.

    In addition, there were people coming in and buying the vehicle we wanted for $4000 less! But because we are NOT teachers, recently out of the military, Farm Bureau clients OR have a
    purple-polka-dot tail…we could not get any of the rebates they had available.

    I do not plan on changing my career, my buying habits OR my tail to make GM happy.
    Our conclusion is that they DO NOT want business from politically-incorrect people like us.

    We eventually got so disgusted that we even tried looking at FORD vehicles.
    Not only did a comparable Ford start at a base $4000 LESS than the GMC…
    as soon as we walked into the dealership they sliced another $3500 off of the MSRP,
    BEFORE we even started talking about rebates! At that point we could not care less about
    the “bonus” points GM had offered to us.
    Ford knew how to earn MY business. As far as I am concerned, GM can take their points
    and shove them! As far as I can tell, FORD is giving rebates to EVERYONE.
    Do yourself a favor and buy a Toyota or Ford or something else.
    GM we’ll see you at the NEXT bankruptcy!

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