Cabela’s Club World Mastercard

Cabelas Club World Mastercard credit cardThe Cabela’s Visa Credit Card is now a Cabela’s Club World Mastercard credit card from Capital One.

You earn 5% rewards automatically on in-house purchases at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops with its Black Mastercard. Silver card holders earn 3% rewards, while the regular card still rewards members with a 2% rewards gift. Remember even purchases made outside of Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop still even rewards at a rate of 1 point per dollar spent.


New Cabela’s Club World Mastercard® members get up to $60 in CLUB points in three simple steps: $20 upon approval, $20 upon 2 Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s purchases within 30 days opening account, plus $20 CLUB points after making 5 purchases  everywhere else Mastercard® is accepted within 30 days.


Earn CLUB points quicker by adding an authorized user at no cost. Qualified cardholders need only call the phone number on the back to get the ball rolling. Group purchases make reaching the elite Silver and Black status easier.


Card holders get a special break with financing from Capital One Bank. Charges on merchandise bought at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s pay a 9.99% APR on unpaid balances.


Cabela’s gives a 5% discount every day for veterans and active duty members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard and Reserves. Available online and in-store the discount can used in addition other promotions and selected sale items. Some exclusions do apply: boats, trailers, tractors, alcohol, gift cards. non-merchandise services, etc.


Always get the lowest price with Cabela’s. If a shopper finds an identical online item at a lower price on a qualifying website, Cabela’s won’t just match that price, but beat it by 5%. Eligible online retailers include:

  • Academy
  • Amazon
  • Backcountry
  • Brownells
  • Cheaper Than Dirt
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Field & Stream
  • Gander RV & Outdoors
  • L.L. Bean
  • Mack’s Prairie Wings
  • Midway USA
  • Optics Planet
  • REI
  • Scheels
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Tackle Warehouse
  • Walmart
  • Manufacturer’s online retail store

Please refer to Cabela’s website for details on their “LOW PRICE POLICY.”


Some online sites offer coupons and special deals for good for a limited time only. Not all deals work, but may be worth trying out. Examples include

  • 4% Cash Back for purchases sitewide from retailmenot
  • $10 off with Cabela’s promo code  from USNews deals
  • Take up to 15% off with a code from couponfollow
  • 10% off purchases of $50 & free shipping when using the Cabelas CLUB Mastercard credit card via a coupon from couponcabin.


  • You get the privileges of a Cabela’s credit card with no annual fee.
  • Nor does the card impose any over the limit or returned payment fees.
  • The points never expire and there is no limit on how many points you can earn.
  • In addition cardholders receive notice of special offers.
  • Store credit cards allow tracking of specific items for returns or disputes

What others say about Cabela’s Club Mastercard

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® Review: Only for Cabela’s Biggest Spenders
“We recommend the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® to one very specific type of consumer — a person who is going to use the card for all their expenses and wants access to the experiences and other offers Cabela’s has for its cardholders. For everyone else, the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® gets a hard no.”

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® review: Will your hunt for a new credit card end here?
“You might have savings in your sights, but the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard® couldn’t hit the broad side of that barn. The card’s rewards are underwhelming, its various tiers of interest rates can be confusing, and the lack of clarity surrounding some of the card’s key features is disturbing. You can also earn rewards at Cabela’s without signing up for the credit card, so it’s not your only option for getting many of this outdoor recreation store’s benefits.”

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard credit card review []
“Though longtime Cabela’s fans might be persuaded to sign up for the store’s branded credit card, they’re probably better served in sticking with its free Outdoor Rewards loyalty program instead.”

Cabelas Club Visa Credit Card Review (issued by World Foremost Bank)
“This card gets only a 3.6 ratings because the 2% (or 2 points) you earn for Cabela’s purchases is lower than most retail store cards. An interesting quirk about this card is that you have one APR for Cabela’s purchases and and higher rate for non-Cabela’s purchases. If you get the Visa Signature version, you can earn 5% rebates rather than 2% and get complimentary concierge service.”

16 thoughts on “Cabela’s Club World Mastercard

  1. Good question. There is no special introductory interest rate, just a low fixed rate of 9.99% on purchases of Cabela’s products and a steeper rate of 15.3% to 18.3% elsewhere. There is no annual fee for the card and it does offer 2% rewards points on Cabela’s club purchases. Cabela’s Visa is issued by World’s Foremost Bank.

  2. Cabela’s uses a method called “average daily balance (including new purchases).” So if the interest rate is 9.99%, Cabela’s charges you 9.99%/365 or 0.0002737 per dollar every time there is a balance, that is, if you have an average balance of $1,000 on your statement, you pay $.27 in interest per day for 30 days or $8.21 for the month. It doesn’t matter when you made the purchase: they take the final balance and average it over 30 or 31 days.

  3. The interest is disclosed at the bottom of the application page under the “terms and conditions” part, which is not easy to figure out. Credit card companies do not make figuring what you pay easy. There is an advantage though when you pay the bill in full every time: you get to try out the item for free to see if you like for a week or two, otherwise return it.

  4. I recommend staying away from Cabela’s Club Visa card. This is probably the worst credit card I’ve ever had. I sent them a check to pay a bill in full for $XX and they cashed it for $Y, much less. Then they called me to demand payment! Told me there would be a late charge, interest fees, etc. I pointed out that they made the mistake and the guy agreed that he could see the image of the check but that I had to pay the balance over the phone right then and there! I of course fought back and got him to promise me a new statement with the balance and no charges. They called back a week later and demanded payment again! Again they promised a new statement and no charges. A few days later I check my checking account and they went back and re-cashed the check for the remaining balance! Not a word to me! And let’s not forget that the customer service people acted like *I* was the one who had done something wrong. This may be the worst customer experience I’ve ever had. Cabela’s you’ve just lost a credit card customer and I’ll never shop at your stores again!

  5. Thanks for the timely advice. Credit card customers should never be treated the way you were. There are too many other choices for your valuable business.

  6. Can the Cabella CC be used for all types of purchases or
    just at designated stores including convenient store gas
    stations. Can one pay the cc bill by phone??

  7. Maybe Cabela’s Club Visa Card got the message and improved their customer service.

    The Cabela’s Club card is NOT a credit card and can only be used for purchases at their retail locations, phone order or online at

    The Cabela’s VISA can be used just like a VISA card and will be accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.

    You can pay the Cabela’s card by phone using the following procedure:


    • Use the number located on the back of your Cabela’s CLUB Visa, you will be connected to automated system which provides you with account information.
    • Listen carefully as one of the options provided via the automated system is to pay your Cabela’s CLUB Visa bill.
    • You must make the payment using a valid checking account and routing information

    Customer Service:

    • Use the number located on the back of your Cabela’s CLUB Visa; there will be an option to speak directly to a WFB associate to make a payment.
    • You must make the payment using a valid checking account and routing number.
  8. Cabela’s VISA card’s issuer, World’s Formost Bank, routing number is 104914050.

    Your Visa card account is your card itself.

    More info on routing numbers for making payments to Cabela’s VISA, your bank’s routing and account can be found from the picture at Call your bank for that

    If you want specific answers about this issue from Cabela, please call their credit department at 1.888.402.7830.

  9. Please be more specific on question. There are 12 monthly payments in a year, 18 in a year and a half, 24 in two years, plus interest on balances.

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