Chase Slate Visa Card

Chase Slate is longer opening new accounts.

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The information below is for archival purposes only.

Chase Slate Blueprint CardFor a limited time only you pay no fee when you transfer a balance during the first 30 days your account is open!

Best of all you pay NO interest on that balance for the first 15 months, as long as the monthly minimum is paid for each billing cycle.

This offer is much more generous than most 6 month 0% APR introductory deals.

The card does not have rewards, but includes Visa features such as patented fraud protection, a zero liability policy, email and text alerts, as well as Chase’s unique Blueprint service.

With no annual fee, the Chase Slate Visa Card works best for individuals who prefer to manage their finances in a systematic and prudent manner.

6 thoughts on “Chase Slate Visa Card

  1. I applied for a visa but I got a letter reference number 120814512257 which says I already have a card with you all ending in 4306. I have no card like this at all so not sure what is going on. Unless you issued me a card recently that I have not received. Can you look into this an e-mail me. I have 3 credit cards and none are with Chase and none ending in 4306.

  2. I called Chase and they said to contact them at 1-800-945-3000 to fix the problem.


  3. I try to check my account on line, but it keeps saying I am entering the wrong account number. I entering the number that is on my card.


  4. Dear Joan,

    Your account number may not be valid if
    a- the card has not been used in a while and is expired
    b- somebody reported the card lost or stolen and your number has been deacctivated
    c- the card number is different than the account number on the statement
    d- check the back of the card to see if it has the 4 curves, which can cause thief
    e- you are not the primary cardholder, although I assume you are

    Chase specifically says: “If Chase notices a change from your USUAL spending pattern, Chase will contact you. If they are unable to reach you, they will place a hold on your account.”

    Call 1-800-945-3000 immediately to find out if your account has been tampered with.


  5. I have applied and gotten a Slate Visa and money was transferred from another card to start it. Now I cannot find a Slate website so I can track my charges and payments.
    Please send that website address to my email. All the sites listed keep asking if I want to apply


  6. Go and click on the ENROLL NOW button. That will open a new page that will guide you through the steps of setting up online access to your credit card. You’ll need to create a user id and password. The longer the password the better – usually 12 characters or more foils most hackers. For assistance from Chase in the process call 1-800-432-3117.

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