Citgo Rewards Card

Citgo Rewards Card

Get 5% off travel expenses with the Citgo Rewards Card.

The Citgo Rewards Card is NOT a general-purpose card that can used anywhere, such as Visa, since it’s only valid to make purchases at nearly 6,000 Citgo locations and to make ┬átravel arrangements.

However for frequent travelers, the Citgo Rewards Card the discount offers are substantial:

  • 5 percent rebate on airline tickets (domestic)
  • 5 percent rebate on car rentals
  • 5 percent rebate on hotels
  • Credit card protection (all credit and debit cards)
  • $100,000 flight insurance
  • Emergency airline tickets and cash
  • Date reminder service
  • Worldwide weather service
  • Trip routing and maps
  • Free family memberships

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