Coldwater Creek Credit Card

Coldwater Creek credit card account holders earn a whopping 5 points for every $1 spent on merchandise at or through its catalog.

model displaying the Coldwater Creek style
Always in fashion – Always in style

Plus if  you open the Mastercard version, you’ll receive 20% off purchases on your first day of shopping.

After a brief hiatus Coldwater Creek is back in business to serve its loyal clientele.

“Beautiful clothes for busy lives, charming accents for welcoming homes, thoughtful gifts to warm hearts: we remain true to the core principles that started it all and helped us become a beloved brand with devoted customers coast to coast.

“We are committed to creating unexpected and extraordinary things to wear and enjoy.”

Relive the experience of shopping at Coldwater Creek and get rewarded with these exclusive perks just by having its credit card issued by Comenity Bank.

  • $10 Reward for every 1,000 points
  • $25 off $100 Purchase Birthday Coupon
  • Double Points events
  • Free Standard Shipping events

Customers who qualify for Mastercard receive these extra savings

  • $20 Bonus Rewards Certificate when you spend $500 on non-Coldwater Creek purchases within 90 days of opening for opening a new account
  • Earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Coldwater Creek Stores
  • Earn 3 points for every $1 spent on gas and groceries
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent  everywhere else Mastercard is accepted

Please visit a store, the web site or call 888-678-5576 for further details and redemption options.

Other benefits and features of your Mastercard include:

  • Extended warranty
  • Price protection
  • Purchase assurance
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Mastercard Global Service™
  • Concierge services
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection™
  • Experiences and offers
  • Explore World Experiences & Offers
  • Mastercard® Priceless Cities
  • Fuel Rewards Network

As a member you enjoy these Rewards

  • Seasonal savings offers
  • In-store personal stylist
  • Easy check-out and return
  • Monthly newsletter

11 thoughts on “Coldwater Creek Credit Card

  1. I am working on the answer to your question. I’m sure you will be completely satisfied with your experience.

  2. I was in the Coldwater Creel store in Savannah, GA today. My friend checked out ahead of me. She was asked and received a Coldwater Creek VISA card and a $20 discount. I asked for the same thing. The clerk told me that I was denied. I was shocked. She tried it again and was denied. By this time everyone in the store knew what was going on. I was embarrassed and humiliated. My friend was surprised. I have excellent credit. I called both banks on my only 2 credit cards. All was in order. The clerk said that I had not filled out a Pre-approval form. How could I fill out a Pre-approval form ahead of time if I didn’t know about the VISA offer? Then she said the VISA cards were approved randomly. That made no sense either. Please help explain this situation. I almost left the things I wanted to buy and leave. I couldn’t face the other ladies in line as I left.
    Thank you,
    Jeanne Leonard

  3. Please do not offer me a Visa card again when I am shopping at a Coldwater Creek Store. I am sick and tired of having to say “no” – one “no” should suffice, not every time I come in.

  4. I have misplaced my bill. My account number is ************6242. I will give you the exp date if you need and the 3 numbers on the back when you call. 509-628-7470
    wanda razey
    805 E 27th Ave
    Kennewick, WA 99337

  5. Coldwater Creek discontinued issuing a store credit card after closing its stores. Currently it’s strictly an online and catalog business. It accepts major credit cards as such as American Express, MasterCard and VISA, but doesn’t have its own store card.

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