Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Credit Card

Urgent update:
Coldwater Creek Visa has ceased to exist!

Cardholders who still have a balance on their cards will have to pay Chase Bank the amount they owe on the card. Chase Bank will be in contact with them on the terms of payment.

The information below is out-of-date and available for archival purposes only.

Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Card members earn a whopping 5 points for every $1 spent on merchandise purchases in-store, online or through the Coldwater Creek catalog.

model displaying the Coldwater Creek style
Always in fashion
Always in style

In addition the card rewards cardholders 1 point per dollar spent anywhere Visa is accepted.

Based from Sandpoint, Idaho, Coldwater Creek specialized in traditional women’s apparel, gifts, jewelry and accessories giving women a sophisticated appeal, which never goes out of fashion.

To further enhance your shopping satisfaction the Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa gives you:

  • Exclusive events and promotions, including double points days and pre-sale notifications
  • Visa’s extraordinary acceptance at 20 million locations in 170 countries worldwide
  • Easy redemption! Redeem coupons at any Coldwater Creek store, via catalog or online.
  • Double or triple points shopping days
  • Advance invitations to sale events
  • Card member only sweepstakes

Credit Line Increases

Your account will be reviewed regularly to determine your eligibility for a credit line increase. When you qualify, it will automatically appear on your statement.

Balance Transfer Checks
Transfer your higher rate credit card balances onto your Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Card to save on finance charges. Just call Customer Service for free Balance Transfer Checks.

Worldwide Acceptance
Use your card to pay for purchases at millions of locations around the world – anywhere you see the Visa logo.

Choice of Billing Date
You can set the billing date for your account to the beginning, middle or end of the month, whichever works best for you.

Fraud Protection
We monitor your account using the latest anti-fraud techniques and notify you if unusual activity is detected.

Warranty Manager
Get double the free repair period under the original manufacturer’s written US repair warranty up to one additional year on eligible warranties of three years or less.

Zero Liability On Unauthorized Purchases
You won’t lose a penny when you use your card online or anywhere. With Zero Liability, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be held responsible for any unauthorized charges to your account.

Cash Access
Get cash at banks and ATMs worldwide with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Visit any ATM with a NYCE, Cirrus, Visa or MasterCard emblem.

As a member you enjoy these Coldwater Creek Rewards

  • Seasonal savings offers
  • In-store personal stylist
  • Easy check-out and return
  • Monthly newsletter

Spend only $400 to automatically become a onecreek member featuring

  • $20 birthday coupon exclusive gifts throughout the year
  • free return shipping
  • sneak peek at sales invitations at in-store events

11 thoughts on “Coldwater Creek Preferred Visa Credit Card

  1. I am working on the answer to your question. I’m sure you will be completely satisfied with your experience.

  2. I was in the Coldwater Creel store in Savannah, GA today. My friend checked out ahead of me. She was asked and received a Coldwater Creek VISA card and a $20 discount. I asked for the same thing. The clerk told me that I was denied. I was shocked. She tried it again and was denied. By this time everyone in the store knew what was going on. I was embarrassed and humiliated. My friend was surprised. I have excellent credit. I called both banks on my only 2 credit cards. All was in order. The clerk said that I had not filled out a Pre-approval form. How could I fill out a Pre-approval form ahead of time if I didn’t know about the VISA offer? Then she said the VISA cards were approved randomly. That made no sense either. Please help explain this situation. I almost left the things I wanted to buy and leave. I couldn’t face the other ladies in line as I left.
    Thank you,
    Jeanne Leonard

  3. Please do not offer me a Visa card again when I am shopping at a Coldwater Creek Store. I am sick and tired of having to say “no” – one “no” should suffice, not every time I come in.

  4. I have misplaced my bill. My account number is ************6242. I will give you the exp date if you need and the 3 numbers on the back when you call. 509-628-7470
    wanda razey
    805 E 27th Ave
    Kennewick, WA 99337

  5. Coldwater Creek discontinued issuing a store credit card after closing its stores. Currently it’s strictly an online and catalog business. It accepts major credit cards as such as American Express, MasterCard and VISA, but doesn’t have its own store card.

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