Elvis Presley Rewards Visa

Elvis Presley Rewards Card has been discontinued by UMB Bank

Information below is outdated and for archival purposes only.

The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation offers you a Platinum Visa in his name.

Elvis Presley Visa Card
King of Rock and Roll

You can put your own favorite image on your card with an Elvis Presley autograph or choose from the many designs available.

Not only are Elvis’ Visa cardholders showing their devotion to the “King of Rock and Roll,” they also earn rewards, a “try it before you buy it” policy and full-time emergency customer service.

In addition you pay no interest for the first six months of purchases and  you pay no annual fees, whether or not you use your Elvis Presley Visa Signature Card.

To put it plainly, the card offers you:

  • Receive Visa Platinum benefits including online banking, auto rental, travel insurance, and more.
  • Earn redeemable rewards points by shopping at participating retailers.
  • Show your Elvis support and pride by choosing one of our customized card designs.
  • Have the security of fraud protection and 24/7 emergency customer service.

8 thoughts on “Elvis Presley Rewards Visa

  1. I already have a visa credit card through Bank of America. How do I apply for an Elvis card and do I have a choice of pictures to choose from

  2. Unfortunately the Elvis credit card has been discontinued by card partners and UMB Bank.

  3. My husband and I have carried Elvis Visa credit cards since 1996. We dont want a plain silver visa card. If we find Elvis card through another bank, we will no longer use your bank.

  4. Appreciate your feeling. Unfortunately UMB Bank and Elvis Presley’s estate decided couldn’t reach an agreement on continuing their relationship. Maybe the another bank will eventually issue another official Elvis Presley credit card.

  5. When I was VP of Credit Cards at the bank 1st authorized to issue it (Leader Federal Bank for Savings of Memphis, TN) we re-issued the Elvis credit card nationally back in 1995. We were bought out by Union Planter’s Bank which had many credit cards. They in turn were bought by Regions Financial. MBNA bought the rights for their large affinity card collection. They in turn “merged” with Bank of America, which terminated the Graceland agreement. UMB had the rights last.
    The unfortunate truth about affinity cards is that many folks just want the card for keeps sake. The Elvis card is no exception. That is why most have an annual fee, often overlooked with a certain amount of usage.
    The fortunate truth about the original Elvis card is that many recording artists got one and used it to “own” a restaurant for a night after a big concert. The huge bill would break the limit which drove our security team nuts. I got many a call very early in the morning from them.

  6. Thanks for the great comment. Very interesting behind-the-scenes story about the card.

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