Kawasaki Good Times Credit Card

Kawaski MotorcycleQualified buyers can ride away on a brand-new Kawasaki with no down payment.

Kawasaki offers up to 100% instant financing on most Kawasaki products with the Good Times Credit Plan or Good Times Credit Card from HSBC.

Apply for the credit card at a conveniently located dealer.

In most cases, the credit approval process takes just minutes and you may be able to add credit insurance, accessories and the Good Times Protection Plan to your contract.

Note that the credit card is only a store brand card and will not be accepted where Mastercard or Visa Card are: it has no use other than at Kawaski dealerships.

Also cardholders must go to their dealer to use it everytime, since it cannot be used online at any Kawasaki web site.

The finance charge for the card is 17.9%, so knowledgable users immediately transfer balances to a card which offers promotional rates of 0% for transfer balances.

While the Kawaski Good Times Credit Card from HSBC gives immediate financing on your Kawaski purchase, beware of its limitations before signing up.

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