Chase credit card discontinues checking overdraft protection

chase bank logoChase credit card holders will no longer be able to use their card as overdraft protection for their Chase checking accounts starting August 26, 2016.

The overdraft protection feature was a handy way to avoid the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of $34 Chase charges for bounced checks in linked checking accounts.

Chase’s announcement explains that overdrawn amounts on linked savings accounts will still be covered and will eliminate the $10 transfer fee.

The credit cards include:

The change applies only to customers who have Chase checking accounts and credit cards linked to them.

Contact Chase bank for alternatives methods to avoid the hassle of having checks bounce and be socked $34 for each withdrawal.

This also includes electronic payments via the internet, especially automatic recurring charges that you may have forgotten about.

Consider setting up a Chase savings account for automatic payments, since that will have overdraft protect without any transfer fee.

Home Depot Credit Card

Make total purchase of $299 or more and pay no interest for the first 6 months with your Home Depot credit card.

Home Depot Credit CardMinimum payments based on an APR of 8% are required and are applied to reduce your outstanding balance.

The remaining balance must be paid in full by the sixth month to avoid further interest charges of 17.99% to 26.99%.

Should a customer change their mind about a purchases made with the Home Depot credit card, they can return the item for a refund up to a full year after they bought it. For details refer to their return policy.

Select cardholders may receive financing offers of up to 24 months at zero interest on a purchase of $1,999 or more even more. These are limited-time promotions promotions only, which expire quickly.

Use the card with confidence knowing you are protected by a fraud protection policy that any unauthorized purchases will not be charged against your account.

Using the card makes keeping track of expenses for items bought at Home Depot a breeze, should you need to know what you bought, when you bought it and how much you paid.

Refer to credit card application for special  offers on flooring, riding mowers, building materials, water treatment, heating and air conditioning.

Free shipping on items over $45 and check out the DAILY SPECIALS available at

The card comes at no annual fee for the benefits you receive.

The Home Depot credit card can be linked to a Fuel Rewards Program where members save $0.10 per gallon for to every $100 they spend at Home Depot. Purchases are added up over time so your discounts on gas increase as you spend more.

Not all gas stations participate in the Fuel Rewards Program, so check the list of Home Depot Fuel Perk destinations where to redeem the $0.10 a gallon rebate.

On the application link below, there is an option to see whether you pre-qualify for a card without having a credit check done on your finances.

Apply here for your Home Depot Credit Card.

As usual when applying for any line of credit or loan, your credit limit will be determined by your yearly income or assets and a review of your credit report. If approved, you will be informed of your credit limit when you receive your card.


Cabelas Club Visa Card

Receive $20 in Cabela’s Club points when you are approved for a Cabela’s Club Visa Card.

cabelas credit card bonusIf you make 5 purchases on your new Visa outside of Cabela’s, for whatever amount, within the first 30 days of your approval, Cabela will give you another $10 gift!

Plus earn points back on all your purchases with with your new card. Here are the guidelines:

  • 1% for purchases outside Cabela’s anywhere the Visa Card is accepted.
  • 2% at Cabela’s or a Cenex convenience store if you have a Classic card
  • 3% at Cabela’s or a Cenex convenience store if you have a Silver card ($10,000 minimum annual spend)
    • 5% at Cabela’s or a Cenex convenience store if you have a Black card ($25,000 minimum annual spend)

To make buying more affordable, you can try before you buy at no cost for 25 days, provided the bill is paid in full by the due date.

Should you decide to keep a balance, the APR for Cabela purchases is a low 9.99% and a reasonable 15.43% to 21.43% on purchases elsewhere.

You get the convenience and perks of a Cabela’s credit card free of charge with no annual charge.

Nor does the card impose any overlimit or returned payment fees.

The points never expire and there is no limit on how many points you can earn.

Redeem your points online at or Cabela’s catalog.

In addition cardholders receive notice of special offers and Cabela’s Outdoors Adventures. and The Experience.

Apply for Cabela’s Visa Card, which is issued by World’s Foremost Bank.