San Francisco 49ers Credit Card

San Francisco 49ers credit card

San Francisco 49ers credit card holders receive 10,000 First Use Bonus Points after spending $500 or more with their new card within the first 90 days of account opening.

The rewards continue after the introductory period  with a generous 2% reward on 49er and NFL purchases, or a 1% reward on purchases elsewhere.

An introductory balance transfer of 0% financing for 15 months is available subject to a nominal fee of 3%. Transferred balances don’t receive any reward points and the transfer fee is deducted from the amount transferred.

The official credit card of the NFL, the Extra Point Credit Card from Barclay Bank, entitles fans to buy 49ers and NFL gears at a whopping 20% discount compared to people using other cards on purchases at the

Exclusive to 49ers credit cardholders, purchases for game or season ticket over $500 can be gotten with zero percent financing for up to six months.

Enjoy member-only access perks

  • Super Bowl sideline passes
  • VIP draft day experience
  • VIP training camp
  • Private player meet and greets

49ers credit card users have other hidden benefits such as:

  • No annual fee
  • Try before you buy (grace period)
  • Careful tracking of dates and prices paid
  • Zero liability on fraudulent charges
  • Identity theft protection
  • Purchase protection on defective merchandise
  • Extended warranties on select items
  • Auto rental and travel accident insurance
  • Online banking from the convenience of your residence
  • Mobile banking from wherever you may be
  • Pay via their iPhone using ApplePay
  • No need to worry about carrying or losing cash
  • Instant alerts on suspicious transactions
  • Paperless statements which cannot be lost

Show your support for the San Francisco 49ers and be rewarded in return for your loyalty by applying here.

Enjoy following your San Francisco 49ers with

A little-known additional feature is available for active duty members of the United States Military who had their BarclayCard before they were called up. They may be eligible for SCRA benefits for their credit card, which in Barclay’s case features (enter scra in search box):

• The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for all balances has been lowered to 0.0%
• All transaction fees, if any, will be suppressed
• Any transaction fees and finance charges applied since your active duty start will be credited back

Call 866-918-5212 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET for details on the SCRA terms and condtions.

Important note though, SCRA does NOT relieve cardholders from making credit card payments on time and any penalties or fees from those obligations!

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