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Armed Forces Bank Visa Card

The Armed Forces Bank (AFB) has specialized in military banking and served active military, retired military, and civilians for over 100 years.

Armed Forces Bank Visa Card

True to its motto of “Your Hometown Bank Around the World,” customers can bank with AFB, worldwide, by phone, mail, on-line, and automated teller machines worldwide.

Armed Forces Bank has full-service branches inside the Main Exchange in several military installations around the globe, as well as on many U.S. ships.

These branches offer 7-day-a-week banking and are open during Exchange business hours with the goal to provide individualized, personal service that meets the needs of our soldiers and civilian customers wherever they might be around the world.

The Armed Forces Bank Visa Card features

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • 9.99%, 15.6% and 17.99% annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Balance transfers and cash advance APR same as purchases
  • Flat $2 balance transfer and cash advance fee
  • No over limit fee
  • Emergency cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any PLUS® Automated Teller machine in various locations nationwide and internationally
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Toll-free customer service phone numbers
  • Additional cards at no extra charge
  • Travel insurance at no extra cost
  • Zero liability fraud insurance on purchases with the card

If a loved one needs to make a purchase or emergency cash on base or aboard a ship, the Armed Forces Bank Visa Card is the one credit card to have.

To obtain a credit card application call 1-855-809-9049

Armed Forces Bank is owned by Dickinson Financial Corporation, located in Kansas City, Missouri, and is not an official government entity or agency.

Chase Military Credit Card

Military Card From Chase
Exclusive From Chase

With a Chase Military Credit Card and Blue Star Deployment Benefits, members receive a 100% refund of any interest & fees incurred during military deployment.

There’s no minimum or maximum amount of deployment time or deployment campaigns necessary to claim the 100% refund.

Authorized family members can use the card for interest-free purchases while their loved ones are deployed and the card may be eligible for cash back rewards too. That is one less thing to worry about while being on duty.

Chase is committed to serving our Military Servicemembers with their families, and with these Military credit cards, Chase is honored to offer Blue Star Deployment Benefits to assist families when a loved one is deployed.

It’s a complimentary benefit for being a Military Credit Cardmember — and it’s exclusive from Chase.

Why call them Blue Star Deployment Benefits?

The program name comes from the long-standing tradition of hanging a blue star in the window to honor a loved one currently on active duty in a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Chase is proud to offer our Blue Star Deployment benefit as a way of showing our appreciation for the sacrifice our troops perform for the United States of America.

To take advantage of Blue Star Deployment Benefits, call 1-877-469-0110 for details of the program.

The card can be used for the Catalog and Exchange Online Store for the exclusive use of authorized Exchange customers throughout the world, who include not only active service members but also:

  • Retirees
  • Reserves
  • National Guard personnel
  • US Civilian DoD employees, when stationed outside of the US
  • Department of State Officials serving in foreign countries
  • Dependents of the above

If you shop for retail merchandise at your local Exchange, you are also authorized to order from the Catalog and the Exchange Online Store.

In addition cardholders receive bonus points while shopping:

  • 2% Cash Back Rewards with MILITARY STAR Card
  • 2% Cash Back Rewards everywhere else on installation with MILITARY STAR Rewards MasterCard
  • 1% everywhere off installation
  • 2% everywhere for the first 60 days

If you know of anyone who is eligible for the Military Credit Card from Chase, have them call 1-877-469-0110 for details and apply.

Pass this post along with others you know who have family members deployed abroad.