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Wells Fargo Rewards Card with intro 5% rewards, no interest financing

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Wells Fargo Rewards Card has introductory 15 month no interest financing on purchases and/or balance transfers to provide users some temporary help managing their bills. Many other credit cards have similar features, however it has a slight twist on redeeming their reward points.

What separates this card from the pack

The Wells Fargo Rewards Card  lets cardholders redeem their rewards as cash at a Wells Fargo ATM, subject to a $20 minimum withdrawal according to a press release.

“Wells Fargo is the first major U.S. financial services provider to introduce this functionality, continuing the company’s history of customer-centered innovation.”

Refer to the announcement for details, or call customer service for details on this easy way to cash in the rewards.

5% rewards on grocery, gas and drugstore purchases for first 6 months

The rewards pile up fast on essential purchases during the introductory period. What’s even better is spreading out the payments over 15 months at no interest . That’s two great features in one package.

Consolidate credit card balances with 0% introductory APR on transfers for 15 months.

A $6,000 balance at 20% would set you back over a $1,000 in interest payments over 12 months. The 3% transfer fee makes a dent of $180 upfront, but the net savings are still substantial. Ask a professional financial advisor about all the long-term pros and cons.

After the introductory period the rewards drop down to a flat 1% on eligible purchases

Not great, but convenient would describe the ongoing rewards system. The Go Far Rewards have some advantages for the savvy redeemer who puts the work in. Don’t voluntarily close out the Rewards Card because that might lower the credit score. It still many useful features when used wisely.

The Wells Fargo Visa Rewards Card includes at no cost:

  • $0 annual fee
  • All Wells Fargo Credit Cards automatically protect you from liability for unauthorized transactions when you report them promptly.
  • Limited free smartphone protection from damage or theft
  • For Visa customers. Get fast text and email alerts for monitoring spending, tracking purchases, and receiving notifications of irregular or suspicious activity.
  • A Wells Fargo credit card with chip technology offers enhanced security features.
  • Protect your Wells Fargo Visa card with a unique password for online shopping.
  • Dispute resolution on damaged goods or misrepresentations
  • Monthly statements to track expenses

Apply for a Wells Fargo Rewards Visa Card here.

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