Wells Fargo Reflect®  Card

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Wells Fargo Reflect Card offers new account holders a low annual percentage rate (APR) of 0% over a generous 21-month period.

Slash credit card payments and improve your finances with low credit-card monthly payments until 2026. After the introductory period ends you still enjoy the world-class customer service of Wells Fargo plus the benefits of a Visa Card.


Did you find a great deal but couldn’t immediately pay for it? Or do you prefer not to sell your investments to make a large purchase right now? The introductory 0% APR offers a great way to get what you want.

You can transfer balances from a high APR (Annual Percentage Rate) card to the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card for a fee of less than 3% because the nominal 5% balance transfer fee is spread over 21 months. Remember though, to avoid making ANY purchases on the new card while carrying a balance transfer balance. Balances may be comingled and required for full payment on the due date to prevent interest charges. Read the terms and conditions of the card carefully.

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People chasing cash rewards won’t find them with this card. The rewards come in the form of top-flight benefits and services. Users can skip tracking purchases for a few dollars worth of rewards. The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card keeps life simple because of its important features that safeguard spending.

  1. No unnecessary annual fee
  2. A grace period of 25 days applies before payments are due
  3. Automatic bill pay eliminates missed or late payments
  4. Contactless card for faster and safer checkout
  5. Convenient lock and unlock feature when not using the card
  6. Free online banking so you don’t lose important documents and can access them 24/7
  7. Account alerts to remember your purchases and make sure prices and items are right
  8. A digital wallet app means no searching for the card or leaving home without it
  9. Choose your payment date to one that meets your needs
  10. Free FICO score for unexpected changes or prepare for credit checks
  11. Exclusive My Wells Fargo Deals
  12. Use preferably on domestic purchases since a 3% foreign transaction fee applies
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Use the card confidently wherever you go knowing that Visa will serve and protect you in several ways. You can add authorized users you trust to help them whenever they need assistance. Here are some of the ways Visa Card works its magic.

  1. Zero fraud liability fights for your rights against scammers and hackers
  2. Emergency Cash and Card Replacement
  3. Accepted in locations where American Express or Mastercard isn’t
  4. Identity theft solutions guard you from online hackers who want to steal your data
  5. 24/7 service locally and throughout the world you need it
  6. Cell phone protection for theft or damage ($600 maximum)
  7. Lost Luggage Reimbursement
  8. Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  9. Travel and Emergency Assistance Services
  10. Travel Accident Insurance
  11. Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
  12. Cardholder Inquiry Service via phone and online
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Business Insider
“If you’re looking for the best Wells Fargo credit card for balance transfers, the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card is a great choice. And it offers an extra-long interest-free period on new purchases, too.”

“The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card is a good credit card that’s worth it for people with good credit who want to avoid interest charges on new purchases and qualifying balance transfers for 21 months after opening an account.”

“We consider this card a prime pick for people who want a balance transfer credit card. It has a potentially low ongoing interest rate and its intro APR offer is top-notch and among the longest promotional APR offers currently available.”

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